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Drink up

For people who like to drink beer and be merry…..

Welcome to ThisDrinkingLife.com, a website dedicated to drinking, and all things alcohol related. All articles and opinions are to be taken with a pinch of salt, just like the ramblings of anyone you would meet in a bar. Sometimes fun, sometimes rubbish.

I am starting this website about drinking alcohol which is something I like to do. I like drinking, I like the atmosphere in pubs, and I like the camaraderie amongst the drinking fraternity. I like the taste of alcohol, I like the effects of alcohol, and it’s a great way to meet new and exciting people.  But most of all you get to build up quite a repertoire of great stories that non drinkers would not amass.  In my humble opinion people who don’t drink are the biggest fecking bores on the planet, they just can’t mix it, have nothing of interest to say and generally are to be avoided. I also hate the people who criticise drinkers – “oh I don’t need drink to have a good time”, blah blah, you are boring and your stories are all shit, probably about babies or work, so feck off!

Anyway let the games begin, we got football, music and travelling, opinion, news, and beer, lots of it………….

we like to break rules! Thisdrinkinglife.com

we like to break rules!

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Beer drinker and all round annoyance. Likes drinking, football, cricket and having a good time.

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