Top Bets of the World Cup 2018

Top Bets of the World Cup

                                                   Today’s games, match day nineteen:

Colombia V England: 

I am bound to crack one of these 100/1 bets some day, so let today be that day! England all the way to victory.

€1.00 Single
Colombia v England – England to Win; BTTS; 4+ corners for each team & 3+ cards for each team 100/1

Sweden V Switzerland:

This game has a draw written all over it.

€1.00 Single
Sweden v Switzerland – Correct Score 2-2 18/1

And today’s double:

€2.60 Double 
Sweden v Switzerland -Draw 15/8
Colombia v England -England 11/10

Today’s games, match day eighteen:

Simple enough double today, surely no shocks in these games!

€5.00 Double (x1)
Brazil 1/2
Belgium 4/11

                                                   Today’s games, match day seventeen:

Got the corner count with Portugal, gives me enough to do some small bets for today.

Croatia V Denmark: 

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: CroatiaDown to the long shots at this stage. Sure why not, definitely makes watching the games that tad bit more interesting. Reckon Croatia will have the upper hand in this game, albeit the Danes have a decent enough defence that might be hard to break down. 

€2.00 Single
Croatia v Denmark – Croatia to Win; BTTS; 4+ corners for each team & 3+ cards for each team 150/1

Spain V Russia: 

Fancy Spain to win this one. Russia are not much of a team to be honest. 

€1.00 Single
Spain v Russia – Spain to Win; BTTS; 4+ corners for each team & 3+ cards for each team 150/1

€2.00 Single
Spain to score in both halves & Spain over 2.5 corners each half 8/1

And the double

€2.00 Double 
Spain 4/7
Croatia v Denmark -Draw 11/5


Today’s games, match day sixteen:

Ok back again with some more bets thanks to Colombia.

A sneaky single on Colombia and Poland to finish opposite end of the group, first to last. I really think Poland look like they play with lead in their boots, and I dont fancy them at all.
World Cup 2018 Group H – Group H 1st/Last Double 1st Colombia/4th Poland 10/1

Not only that but with those winnings I did some sneaky bets and further boosted my winning streak, giving me more to gamble for the second round!

So did a few anti-posts:

Really fancy Belgium, they have strength in numbers, Kevin is pinning the ball perfectly in the centre of the pitch and Lukaku is on some good form. They have played some good football so far in the competition.

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: EnglandI also fancy England to do well. They should beat Colombia, and whoever they get next between Switzerland/Sweden. After that, its a confidence thing, and with Harry Kane banging them in they have a serious chance this year. 

€1.00 Single
World Cup 2018 – Final Forecast England to beat Belgium 50/1

€1.00 Single
World Cup 2018 – Name the Semi-Finalists Portugal & Spain & Belgium & England 35/1

€1.00 Single
World Cup 2018 – Name the Finalists Belgium & England 20/1

€2.00 Single
World Cup 2018 – Winner/Top Goalscorer Doubles England/Harry Kane 9/1

And a nice fun accum:
€1.00 Accumulator
France 13/10
Portugal 15/8
Spain 4/7
Croatia v Denmark – Draw 11/5
Brazil 1/2
Belgium 4/11
Sweden v Switzerland – Draw 15/8
England 11/10
Potential Returns:

And for today’s games:

Lets have another good week

Uruguay V Portugal:

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: PortugalI expect Portugal to just edge this game, two equally matched teams, but hopefully Ronaldo will be back to form for this game, as he was pretty woefulagainst Iran. 

€4.00 Single
Uruguay v Portugal -Portugal Over 5 Corners

€2.00 Single
Uruguay v Portugal – To Score 2 or More Goals Cristiano Ronaldo 8/1

France V Argentina: 

Fancy this game to be also close, but if there are to be goals then who really else can score them only both teams trouble shooters. 

€2.00 Single
France v Argentina – Anytime Goalscorer Doubles A Griezmann & L Messi 17/2

Double for today’s games
€3.00 Double 
France 13/10
Portugal 15/8

                                                      Today’s games, match day thirteen:

Bad day at the office yesterday and only my second day not to get a winner. Ronaldo not scoring cost me a bit but I can forgive him as he usually gets it right for me. 

Just the one game for me today.

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: PeruAustralia V Peru

Peru haven’t scored yet in this years World Cup, but they have had a tonne of chances, and with Guerrero going close the other day V France, I expect him to do the business today. I did him for two goals cause he usually gets his shots on target and it was a good value price. 

€10.00 Single 
Australia v Peru – To Score 2 or More Goals Paolo Guerrero 9/1

Also did a small bet on a goals bonanza for today’s games:

€1.00 Accumulator
Iceland v Croatia -Over 2.5 Goals 5/4
Australia v Peru – Over 2.5 Goals 1/1
Denmark v France – Over 2.5 Goals 7/4
Nigeria v Argentina – Over 2.5 Goals 8/11


Today’s games, match day twelve:  

Good day yesterday, back to form, thanks to Honda getting his usual World Cup goal, Colombia blowing away Poland, and the Harry Kane show v Panama. Pity Senegal didn’t get the win in the day to make it a magnificent day but at least back in the game again. Great.

Spain V Morocco

Now that Morocco have nothing to play for,  and the fact that the group’s top two positions will be decided by goals, then I expect Spain to put on a strong performance today. For sure Morocco will want to go out with some pride but that will only get you so far, I expect a lot of goals in this game today. 

€4.00 Single
Spain v Morocco – Over 4.5 Goals 5/1

And I fancy the cunt Ramos to pop up today with a headed goal. He sometimes gets them, even if it ruffles his Alice band. 

€1.00 Single
Spain v Morocco – To Score a Header S Ramos 7/1


Iran V Portugal

Goals will be the objective today for Portugal, knowing that this is what is needed to come top of the group. Step forward Ronaldo so to do the business. Sure Iran are still in it, but with a well placed free kick, they soon wont be in it. 

€1.47 Single
Iran v Portugal – To Score a Direct Free Kick C Ronaldo 14/1

€10.00 Single
Iran v Portugal – Anytime Goalscorer Cristiano Ronaldo 5/6


Saudi Arabia V Egypt

Egypt and Saudi Arabia are both out, with both having largely disappointing World Cups. Saudi Arabia have been generally hopeless while Salah still wasn’t really match fit when introduced against Russia.  I expect a good few goals today, from two teams that will abandon any form of defending to try and go out with a bang,

€5.00 Single
Saudi Arabia v Egypt – Over 4.5 Goals 7/1

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: EgyptIf there will be goals and if, as I expect, Egypt will be scoring those goals then there is only one man to do that for them and that’s Mo. He usually gets his chances at the minimum on target and against a poor SA goalie that only means one thing: goals. 

€7.00 Single
Saudi Arabia v Egypt – To Score 2 or More Goals Mohamed Salah 6/1


Uruguay V Russia

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup:RussiaWith a vastly superior goal difference Russia only need the draw and that is what I feel they will get against a Uruguay team that has so far flattered to deceive. Russia will go for it, but Uruguay might be strong enough in attack to respond themselves with a few goals. 

€1.00 Single
Uruguay v Russia – Correct Score 2-2 16/1

I expect A Golovin will get a few frees today and pop one of them in. 

€2.00 Single
Uruguay v Russia – To Score a Direct Free Kick A Golovin 25/1

And the four team accum:

€4.00 Accumulator 
Egypt 5/6
Uruguay v Russia – Draw 2/1
Portugal 8/13
Spain 2/7

Today’s games, match day eleven:  

Oh my word, another late winner. Lost a bit today, but was desperately unlucky (and lucky). Two minutes from time for the correct score in the Belgium game, and Mexico couldnt get one corner in 30 minutes of football.
But phew that goal from Germany in the end keeps me ticking along. Thanks Germany. 

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: Germany

Japan V Senegal

Going with my old fav Honda who won me money in previous tournos. 

€3.00 Single
Japan v Senegal – Anytime Goalscorer Keisuke Honda 11/4

But fancy Senegal to continue with the good football they showed in the first game to outscore and out muscle Japan. 

€5.00 Single
Senegal 13/10


Panama V England

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: EnglandFancy England to do a Belgium and hammer Panama. They will be eager to match Belgium’s goal tally as it might make a difference in the end to who tops the Group. 

€6.00 Single
England v Panama – Over 2.5 Goals 4/5


Poland V Colombia

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: ColombiaJames should be fully fit for the game and rearing to get a goal to start his World Cup in earnest. 

€3.00 Single
Poland v Colombia – Anytime Goalscorer James Rodriguez 12/5

Going for Colombia who have slightly more skill to beat a Poland who lack any creativity. 

€5.00 Single
Colombia 5/4 


And the days games together

€2.00 Treble
England 2/9
Senegal 13/10
Colombia 5/4

And a nice double

€4.33 Double
England to Score 2 or more goals in the match 4/11
Japan v Senegal – Over 2.5 Goals 7/5


Today’s games, match day ten:

Great day yesterday, two late, late goals, two late late winners. Thanks Neymar and the Shaq, never in doubt!

Belgium V Tunisia

Belgium barely broke into a sweat while dismantling a poor Panama team. This will be more of the same, albeit might be until the second half till we see the Tunisian defence crumble, but it will.

€1.00 Single
Belgium v Tunisia – Correct Score 4-1 22/1

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: BelgiumAgainst England the Tunisians were quite dirty and physical, and they are the type of team that will offer up loads of frees. Step forward De Bruyne, a man who knows how to hit them. He was so close in the first game, I expect him to get it right this time. 

€2.00 Single
Belgium v Tunisia – To Score a Direct Free Kick K De Bruyne 16/1

€4.00 Single
Belgium v Tunisia – Anytime Goalscorer Kevin De Bruyne 7/2

€5.00 Single
Belgium v Tunisia – Red Card Markets Tunisia to have a red card 15/2

South Korea V MexicoMexico are one of those teams that always provide excitement and always play decent football that is easy on the eye. Unfortunately they sometimes forget about the defensive side of the game

Have a feeling Mexico will push on from the Germany game and hit the ground running, up against a Korean team with nothing to offer, this could be a whitewash. 

€10.00 Single
South Korea v Mexico – Mexico to score in both halves & Mexico over 1.5 corners each half 9/2

Germany V Sweden

Surely to God Germany will get their act together tomorrow. The fact that they could be knocked out proper by Sweden should be enough motivation for Low’s team to get their assess into gear. 

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: GermanyAnd I just have a good feeling that they will jinx a peno. There are a lot of penalties in the World Cup so far and the Germans are the masters of getting them, so why not?

€17.10 Single
Germany v Sweden – Germany to score a penalty 16/5

And if they do get a peno and/or score a few, then Muller should be on target. 

€10.00 Single
Germany v Sweden – Anytime Goalscorer Thomas Muller 9/5

And the treble for the days matches

€10.00 Treble
Belgium 1/3
Mexico 4/6
Germany 1/2


Today’s games, match day nine:

Ah what a shame for Messi, pity he has to play aside such dross.

My first day with no winners, what a crap day. Not only did I not win but the first two games were so bad football wise, no enjoyment, while I feel a little dead inside knowing it could be Messi’s last WCup.

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: SwitzerlandSerbia v Switzerland

Sticking with my main man, Xherdan Shaqiri, I hope he wont let me down. 

€7.39 Single
Serbia v Switzerland – Anytime Goalscorer Xherdan Shaqiri 7/2

Nigeria v Iceland

Fancy Nigeria to at least play a bit better tomorrow, knowing that they must win will throw the shackles off the team and let them just go for it. I really fancy this bet as I do think there is a goal in their team. While Iceland have scored against much stronger opposition. Plus two tough tacking teams, and end to end football, yeah this is a cracking bet me thinks. 

€6.00 Single
Nigeria v Iceland – BTTS & 3+ corners for each team & 2+ cards for each team 8/1

Brazil v Costa Rica

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: BrazilSurely to god Brazil will be on fire tomorrow, come on the fuck. Neymar has to get off the mark, surely!

€20.00 Single
Brazil v Costa Rica – Anytime Goalscorer Neymar 10/11

Brazil beat them 5-2 one year in the WCup, so why not 4-1! 

€1.00 Single
Brazil v Costa Rica – Correct Score 4-1 22/1

Today’s games, match day eight:

Yesterday was a so so day, just did enough to slightly get a quids profit or so, but its always better than losing bets. Ronnie coming good again, but how awful were Uruguay again!

Argentina V Croatia

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: ArgentinaPerhaps this game will be more open than the Iceland game, and so with more room to play Messi might be more in tune to score a goal. 

€10.00 Single
Argentina v Croatia – Anytime Goalscorer Lionel Messi 11/8

France V Peru

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: FranceAs much as it would be nice to see Peru do well, I dont think it will happen. France will surely be keen to lay down a marker for the tournament after disappointing in the first game. And if they do get going, Griezmann will be the man to score the goals. 

€10.00 Single
France v Peru – Anytime Goalscorer Antoine Griezmann 5/4

€2.00 Single
France v Peru – Correct Score 2-0 6/1

Denmark V Australia 

Will stick with Denmark, they won me money for the first game, and even though they didn’t play well I think they just have enough skill to beat an ordinary Australian team. 

€10.00 Single
Denmark 10/11

And todays treble bet:

€3.00 Treble
Denmark 10/11
France 4/7
Argentina 11/10


Today’s games, match day seven:

What can I say about yesterday, just a big thanks to Japan for that 140 quid win, was NICE! But had good bets come up in the other two games as well, so a good days betting all round.

Iran V Spain

Spain should have no problems here and do enough to get a comfortable victory. If they really get motoring then it could be a trashing on the cards. 

€3.00 single
Iran v Spain -Over 4.5 Goals 5/1

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: SpainI fancy Iniesta to score, to be honest the only real value I could get as most of the Spanish players are short odds for this game!

€3.00 Single
Iran v Spain – Anytime Goalscorer Andres Iniesta 9/2

Correct score, always worth a punt

€1.00 Single
Iran v Spain – Correct Score 1-4 20/1

Uruguay V Saudi Arabia

Both teams were pish poor in the first games, and the fact that Uruguay know that a win will see them through should be enough for them to put on the foot on the gas until job is completed.

€10.00 Single
Uruguay v Saudi Arabia -Uruguay scores 2+ goals & 6+ Uruguay corners 3/4 

Portugal V Morocco

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: PortugalOf course Portugal will win this game, of that there can be no doubt, and if Ronnie can score a hat trick against a team as good as Spain then logic says he should at least get one against Morocco.  

€10.00 Single
Portugal v Morocco – Anytime Goalscorer Cristiano Ronaldo 4/5

For some reason I also fancy Pepe to score here. Yes i know he rarely scores, but I have visions of hims scoring with a blasting header from a corner.

€2.00 Single
Portugal v Morocco – Pepe to score a header 20/1

Final score bet, worth a quid.

€1.00 Single
Portugal v Morocco – Correct Score 3-1 14/1

And for the three games

€10.00 Treble
Portugal 8/13
Uruguay 1/7
Spain 1/6

Today’s games, match day six:

Had a good day yesterday, thanks to England and their injury time winner,  and Sweden. Not a bad day at the office. 

Colombia V Japan

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: ColombiaJames Rodriguez made his name in the last World Cup and this time I expect him to shine again. Why not, he is pure class when he gets going. And he has a lethal strike, so yeah he might do a Ronaldo and get a goal from a free kick, he has the ability to do so. Either way, I’d fancy him to at least score a goal. 

€2.00 Single
Colombia v Japan – To Score a Direct Free Kick J Rodriguez 12/1

€10.00 Single
Colombia v Japan – Anytime Goalscorer James Rodriguez 21/10

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: JapanJapan, on the other hand, are not a great team but what they lack in ability they make up in determination and heart and I am sure they will not stop for the 90 minutes. With this in mind I can see them scoring a goal. And if that is the case then it has to be K Honda, their start player to score (who else?). And I have a strong vision of a penalty too, as they did get a penalty in the last world cup (as far as I can remember!) 

€10.00 Single
Colombia v Japan – Japan to score a penalty 14/1 (crazy bet but i have a strong feeling about this one)

€5.00 Single
Colombia v Japan – Anytime Goalscorer Keisuke Honda 4/1

Poland V Senegal

€5.00 Single
Poland v Senegal – Red Card Markets Senegal to have a red card 7/1

Poland are a very cynical team and like to take a tumble or three, and in Robert Lewandowski they have a bit of a cunt up forward who goes down with the slightest touch, and I would figure that Senegal will be like most African teams, tough tackling and a bit all over the place defensively, so with all this in mind I feel Senegal might get a red card in the game.

€10.00 Single
Senegal 12/5

But even if they go a man down I still think they could manage a win, as they are a team that always plays attacking football, and with Sadio Mané in their lineup, they have a form player who is sure to terrorise the Polish defence. 

Russia V Egypt

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: EgyptToday’s game will all depend on if Mo Salah is playing. If yes then we have a real game on our hands, if not then forget it Egypt will be out. If he is playing I think he will dramatically change Egypt’s fortunes, and is sure to give the Russian defenders something to think about.  Egypt, knowing they need a result, could easily beat a Russian team that were lucky that SA made them look so good, because they aren’t really. 

€20.00 Single
Russia v Egypt – Away Team Multi Corners Egypt Over (2.5) 10/11

€1.00 Single
Russia v Egypt – To Score a Hat-Trick Mohamed Salah 150/1 (for sport)

€5.00 Single
Russia v Egypt – Penalty Scored? Yes 10/3

€8.00 Single
Egypt 3/1

And for the three games:

€2.00 Treble
Colombia 4/6
Senegal 12/5
Egypt 3/1

Today’s games, match day five:      

Didn’t get anything yesterday, but I didn’t feel lucky, but today I do. I think there is definitely money to be won in today’s games for sure. I feel very confident of a few wins in these three upcoming matches. 

Sweden V South Korea

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: SwedenWill be a tight game, and for long periods I can see both teams cancelling each other out, but I would imagine that Sweden’s aerial ability should see them through for the victory, and they probably will be all over Korea from set piece play. Sweden knocked out Italy for fucks sake, so I would be very disappointed if they couldn’t handle Korea, even if the Red Devils have Son Heung-min up front.

€1.00 Single
Sweden v South Korea – Correct Score 3-1 20/1

€20.00 Single
Sweden 1/1

Belgium V Panama

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: BelgiumBelgium are a team that I am looking forward to seeing. I am sure they will come out of the blocks rearing to go, and with Panama as their first game, I see a big win for the The Red Devils (RD number two today!)

€5.00 Single
Belgium v Panama – Anytime Goalscorer Kevin De Bruyne 3/1

€1.00 Single
Belgium v Panama – Correct Score 5-0 20/1:

Tunisia V England 

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: EnglandEngland have a young but very attack minded team, with Harry Kane in their line up, I cant see how they wont score a few against Tunisia. 

€10.00 Single
Tunisia v England – England scores 2+ goals & 6+ England corners 17/10

€2.00 Single
Tunisia v England – Correct Score 0-3 17/2

For the three games today, I feel there will be quite a few goals

€3.00 Treble
Sweden v South Korea – Over 2.5 Goals 8/5
Belgium v Panama – Over 2.5 Goals 6/10
Tunisia v England – Over 2.5 Goals 6/5

€5.00 Treble
Sweden 1/1
Belgium 1/6
England 2/5

 Today’s games, match day four: 

Messi let me down big time yesterday, basically that peno miss cost me about 60 squid, not to worry Denmark was my get of jail card, so still had a good enough day. 

Brazil V Switzerland

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: SwitzerlandI fancy Brazil to do great things in this World Cup, to make the final at the minimum. But I think Switzerland, with their decent defence, might cause them a small hiccup at the start. Remember the Swiss also beat Spain at the start of W Cup 2010, and the Spanish ended up winning the thing, so they can throw a spanner in the works for sure. And the Swiss also got Xherdan Shaqiri who can muster up some magic, if bothered, hopefully today he might get his finger out of his ass. 

€5.00 Single
Brazil v Switzerland – Xherdan Shaqiri, 5/1 anytime goal scorer

Germany v Mexico

Germany should come out of the blocks on fire, while Mexico always play attacking football. Expect lots of goals (I hope). 

€1.00 Single
Germany v Mexico – Correct Score 3-2 20/1

Costa Rica V Serbia

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: Costa RicaExpect Costa Rica to continue where they left off at the last World Cup, hopefully with more goals and more great counter attacking football that won them so many admirers in 2014. Serbia are muck so I wouldn’t be surprised to see CR grab a few here. 

€4.00 Single
Costa Rica 4/1

So I also put them in a treble with the other two games, for a goal crazy day at today’s WC!!

€3.00 Treble
Costa Rica v Serbia – Over 2.5 Goals 31/20
Germany v Mexico – Over 2.5 Goals 13/20
Brazil v Switzerland -Over 2.5 Goals 3/4

                                               Today’s games, match day three: 

A cracking day yesterday, won over 60 quid, got a nice treble, and Iran and Ronnie did the business for me, excellent. Ok lets look at what I predict for today and keep our winning run going. 

France V Australia

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: AustraliaDo not rate Australia at all. In the Confederations Cup they were truly awful to see, no technical ability with a lot of plodders in the team. Not only that but they carry on the great Australian sporting tradition of whinging a lot. That is not going to work against a French team that will be fired up to put on a show, especially after the feast of football we were served last night between Spain and Portugal. Now its France’s turn and I am sure they wont want to disappoint!

I think that as they are such a cynical team, the Aussies might get a man sent off. They might as well as they wont be playing any football. 

€5.00 Single
France v Australia – A red card in the match 11/2

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: FranceAnd if, as I expect, France will win  and win handily, then you would fully expect that the goals would come from their usual strike partnership of Antoine Griezmann and Olivier Giroud.  

€10.00 Single
France v Australia – Anytime Goalscorer Antoine Griezmann 5/6

€2.00 Single
France v Australia – To Score a Header O Giroud 4/1

€4.00 Single
France v Australia – Anytime Goalscorer Doubles A Griezmann & O Giroud 16/5


Argentina V Iceland

Now I know that traditionally Argentina always start a tournament very slowly, but I cant help but feel that Messi will want to equal what his arch rival Ronaldo did last night, or at least try to better it. I also dont rate Iceland at all. Yeah for sure they stole everyone’s hearts in the Euros, but that hides the fact that they play puke football, and dont really have any technically gifted players on the team. Sorry Icelandic fans on my frankness! So for these reasons I can only see an Argentina win, and a good win at that. 

€2.00 Single
Argentina v Iceland – Correct Score 3-1 10/1

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: ArgentinaAnd if Argentina are to score three goals, then surely Messi will be on the end of one or two of them. Also if Ronaldo can score a free kick, I’d bet Messi will copy him today, and even hotter prospect when you consider that Messi usually gets the better return from scoring on free kicks than Ronaldo’s one out of 50 efforts in international football!

€3.00 Single
Argentina v Iceland – To Score a Direct Free Kick L Messi 8/1

€20.00 Single
Argentina v Iceland – Anytime Goalscorer Lionel Messi 1/1


Peru V Denmark

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: SwitzerlandI reckon Peru will be a little overawed in their first World Cup outing since ’82, while Denmark, for me, are a serious outfit with a quality team that could propel them into the last eight. I really fancy this Danish team to go far in the tournament, and with C Ericksen they have a player that can turn a game on its head. This is an easy bet for me, Denmark to win their opener, and with relative ease. 

€20.00 Single
Peru v Denmark – Match Odds Denmark 11/8

The France and Denmark double is also worth a punt. I expect a lot of goals in both games

€2.00 Double
France v Australia – Over 3.5 Goals 7/4
Peru v Denmark – Over 2.5 Goals 7/5


Croatia v Nigeria

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: CroatiaNigeria are another team that can start slow too. Up against a very strong Croatia team they might get punished for this. Modric will run the show from midfield and, with a team of decent strikers, I expect Croatia to just nudge this game, possibly score in the last ten minutes or so to nick it. 

€10.00 single
Croatia v Nigeria – Over 2.5 Goals 6/5

€2.00 Single
Croatia v Nigeria – Correct Score 2-1

So far I have predicted correctly 4/4, so with that in mind lets do a 4 match accum for today

€3.00 Accumulator 
France 1/4
Argentina 1/3
Denmark 11/8
Croatia 8/11

Today’s games, match day two: 

Morocco V Iran

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: IranI think this might be a close game but you know what……I actually fancy Iran to sneak this one. They do have that Alireza Jahanbakhsh fella who was top scorer in Holland and with the recent controversy over their kit and football boots or rather their lack of, it might bring them closer together as a group. I am also thinking  Carlos Queiroz might have a few tricks of his sleeve as well. So for all those reasons and that I dont know much about Morocco I will lump on Iran to win. Risky but fuck it, lets do it. 

€10.00 Single
Morocco v Iran – Match Odds Iran 11/4

€1.00 Single
Morocco v Iran – 1-2 13/1

Egypt V Uruguay

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: UruguayIn a World Cup the best advice I always say is back the World Class players to score, as usually they do, that’s why they are world class! Problem with Suarez is he is also a world class cunt, so if he doesn’t score he could just as easy get himself sent off, but its worth a punt for him to score against what shouldn’t a strong Egyptian defence.

€10.00 Single
Egypt v Uruguay – Anytime Goalscorer Luis Suarez 10/11

Portugal V Spain

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: PortugalThis has a draw all over it, really it does. I would be well surprised if it is anything but a tie. If there are goals then I’d expect Ronnie to be on the score sheet too, that is the basic law of averages, better than that law in fact!

€10.00 Single
Portugal v Spain – Anytime Goalscorer Cristiano Ronaldo 7/5

€6.00 Single
Portugal v Spain – Draw 12/5

And for the three games together

€1.00 Treble
Uruguay 8/15
Iran 11/4
Portugal v Spain – Draw 12/5


Today’s game: Russia V Saudi Arabia

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup:RussiaI know Russia are muck, and I actually think they might not get out of their group, but how bad must they be not to beat SA at home in their own World Cup, seriously?

€10.00 Single Russia scores 2+ goals & 6+ Russia corners 19/10

€2.00 Single Russia v Saudi Arabia – Penalty Scored? Yes 4/1

€1.00 Single
Russia v Saudi Arabia – Correct Score 3-1 13/1

Pre Tournament Bets

After having a nice pint of the black stuff and going through the world cup groups and permutations, we, at ThisDrinkingLife, have come up with the best value bets of this years World Cup. We looked for value and odds better than 1/1 to give our readers a good chance of winning some money.

We will also be writing about the best betting opportunities for each game, so stay tuned for our daily updates, freshening up this page with, hopefully, some winning tips. 

All prices are a rounded up figure from most of the high street bookies. I also didn’t want to name any bookies as it would be free advertising, but I guess some online bookmakers would offer better odds

So lets kick it off.

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: GermanyGermany

I am going with Germany to win the World Cup, but at 5/1 I dont think that’s a decent bet. At least I think if you double it up with a top scorer selection. T Muller is six goals off World Cup top scorer of all time and I am sure he will be gunning for that record. Could also pick Timo Werner who has had a decent season in the Bundesliga. 

World Cup 2018 – Winner/Top Goalscorer Doubles Germany/Thomas Muller 50/1

World Cup 2018 – Winner/Top Goalscorer Doubles Germany/Timo Werner 25/1

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: GermanyThe Golden boot is generally won by few goals, so why wouldn’t the winning team’s strikers not be a bad punt here? All three German strikers listed are sure to get on the scoreboard a few times during the month.

World Cup 2018 – Top Goalscorer Timo Werner 14/1

World Cup 2018 – Top Goalscorer Marco Reus 50/1

World Cup 2018 – Top Goalscorer Thomas Muller 25/1


ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: BrazilI also fancy Brazil to get to the final, but 21/10 is no bet here. So I have doubled it up with a name the finalists bet, ie-Brazil & Germany, and also a winning double chance of Brazil or Germany, which means only one of the two have to make the final to be quids in. Now I know 8/5 isnt great but surely to god that will happen, surely!

World Cup 2018 – Name the Finalists Brazil & Germany 9/1

World Cup 2018 – Winner Double Chance Brazil or Germany 8/5

As I said I expect Germany to win the World cup and so beat Brazil. That is a 20/1 final forecast.

World Cup 2018 – Final Forecast Germany to beat Brazil 20/1


Portugal and Spain

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: SpainOther wise, I expect both Portugal and Spain, even after sacking their manager, to have decent World Cups. All four teams to get to the

semi’s is 33/1

World Cup 2018 – Name the Semi-Finalists Portugal & Spain & Brazil & Germany 35/1

Spain to win the third and fourth place game.

World Cup 2018 – Outright to Finish Third Spain 6/1

The Rest

ThisDrinkingLife and The World Cup: DenmarkOtherwise I have just done some long shot forecasts

A tasty treble that is very possible at a very mouth watering 160/1 (rounded off).  Messi and Rodriguez to light up their groups and I really think Australia are rubbish. 
Team Specials – Argentina Group Points 9 Points 10/3
Team Specials – Colombia Group Points 9 Points 15/2
Team Specials – Australia Group Points 0 Points 10/3

Treble all to qualify from their prospective groups. I fancy Denmark to have a good World Cup. Mexico nearly always make it out of their group and Senegal play nice football and are in a relatively easy group. Roughly 6/1 for the treble. 
World Cup 2018 Group C – Group C To Qualify Denmark 4/6
World Cup 2018 Group F – Group F Qualify Mexico 5/6
World Cup 2018 Group H – Group H Qualify Senegal 11/10

(add in Costa Rica to that treble and the odds rise to 29/1 or just lump on Senegal to qualify as a single and its 11/10)

A sneaky single on Colombia and Poland to finish opposite end of the group, first to last. I really think Poland look like they play with lead in their boots, and I dont fancy them at all.
World Cup 2018 Group H – Group H 1st/Last Double 1st Colombia/4th Poland 10/1

A similar bet but in a treble is this at 45/1
World Cup 2018 Group A – Group A 1stLast Double Uruguay/4th Saudi Arabia 6/4
World Cup 2018 Group C – Group C 1st/Last Double 1st Denmark/4th Australia 13/2
World Cup 2018 Group F – Group F 1st/Last Double 1st Germany/4th South Korea 7/5

 To finish bottom of the group, I did this massive accum, but its only 12/1

World Cup 2018 Group A – Group A To Finish Bottom Saudi Arabia 4/11
World Cup 2018 Group B – Group B To Finish Bottom Morocco 7/5
World Cup 2018 Group C – Group C To Finish Bottom Australia 4/6
World Cup 2018 Group D – Group D To Finish Bottom Iceland 3/10
World Cup 2018 Group F – Group F to Finish Bottom South Korea 4/6              

Here is my rationale for all this

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